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1997 Fall Fest State Meeting


The Virginia State Association, Order Of DeMolay, was opened at 4:35pm on 
the Initiatory Degree and 4:35pm on the DeMolay Degree on Saturday, 
October 17, 1997 for the purpose of Fall Fest. The State Master Councilor, 
Brother Robert C. Shrieves stood in the East, Deputy State Master Councilor
 Brother Brad Westerman stood in the West, and Brother John Farr in the 
South. Those Chapters in attendance were as follows: 

Chapter 		Members 	Advisors 

A. Douglas Smith 	4 		1 
Alexandria-Washington 	- 		- 
Cdr. William L. Herndon 13 		1 
Doric 			-	 	2 
John Blair 		- 		- 
Kempsville 		4 		2 
Lord Fairfax 		4 		2 
Lynnhaven 		4 		3 
New River 		- 		- 
Norfolk 		2 		- 
Occoquan 		- 		- 
Prince William 		- 		- 
Roanoke Valley 		18 		4 
Thomas Jefferson 	1 		- 
Tidewater 		- 		- 
Westhampton 		4 		2 
Woodlawn 		3 		2 
Northern Neck 		4 		3 

Total 			61 		22 

The minutes from Conclave were read, corrected, and approved. 

Committee Reports 
The State Master Councilor then called for reports from the various committees: 

Civic Service: Brother Kelley Corbett was called upon to speak on the State Civic Service Project. He said that he was still in the early stages of planning and was looking for any ideas. The Chapters may expect a letter from him soon concerning the subject.
Education: Brother John Farr was called upon to speak about Regional Workshops for Membership. The
goal would be to help guys relearn how to get members.
Central Region: Brother Sean Swingler informed the Brothers of the status of the Central Region, his detailed report has been attached to the minutes.
Eastern Region: Brother Matt Cosca informed the state on the status of the Eastern Region, and ran down the regional calendar.
Northern Region: Brother Scott Groves reported that the membership problem in the North seems to be stabilizing instead of declining.
Western Region: Brother Brent Robinson gave an impressive report on the status of the Western Region, bringing good news that the region is thriving.

New Business
The State Master Councilor than declared the Chapter open for new business, during which the following was brought forward:

- Chapter packets had been passed out at registration that contained a directory of e-mail
addresses, a release and consent form, and information on Brotherhood Weekend. Any questions could be directed to him.

- “Dad” Campbell was presented with a reimbursement from the state for the cost of a Fed Ex that was needed for the quarterly.

- “Dad’s” Howard K. Smith, Tom Sellers, and Kerry Campbell were recognized as recently
receiving the honor of 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite.

- A new incentive was established for the members in reference to Conclave 98. If you bring in 5 members, you will be allowed to go to Conclave for free. If you bring in 10, you will be freely admitted to all of the quarterlies in the following year. If you bring in 3, you go to Conclave for half price.

- “Dad” Smith and Brother Tom Sellers, PSMC 96-97, presented Brother Rob Shrieves and
Brother Brad Westerman with brand new state collars. The other collars, which happened to be the 50 year old original collars, would be retired to an at that time unestablished place.

- Remarks were made about that night’s activities, the usual precautions and rules were to be followed.

- The Senior Warden of Lynnhaven Lodge, “Dad” Phil Mayberry was introduced to the state and was recognized for his help in planning our use of lodge facilities.

With no further business appearing, the State Master Councilor closed the meeting in regular form, at 5:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,
David M. Sellers,
State Scribe